This is the most introductory level in the 10 & Under program FOR PLAYERS AGE 4 - 7. Players are introduced to fundamental tennis and athletic skills through fun, relaxed activities designed to build a solid foundation for long-term athletic development. Activities are focused on developing the ABC's (agility, balance, coordination and speed), as well as the ability to send and receive the ball.


Also for ages 4 - 7. At this level, players continue to work on fundamentals, but there is a greater emphasis on improving their stroke technique, footwork and rallying skills. During RED 2, you’ll begin to see greater mechanics and consistency of play. We continue to focus on the ABC’s (agility, balance, coordination and speed) to improve your child’s athleticism. At the end of RED 2, players have a much stronger grasp of the fundamentals, including stroke technique and rallying skills. 


For players ages 7-10 years old who are transitioning from red ball experience and ready to play on the 60 ft court. Players will be grouped by ability/age within each class program and continue to build athletic skills. Tennis activities and games will focus on developing ground stroke consistency, serve direction and transitioning to the net.


For players age 11 - 13.  The goal of the Green Dot class is to continue the rally-based approach to learning, but allow players to experience tennis on a full size court. Players will be introduced to the regular size court, but still at slower than full speed. Players will have an understanding of the basic tactics and how to implement them based on their opponent. The slightly slower balls allow greater tactical development by lengthening rallies.

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